circle network ftp server list

circle network FTP server list 

circle network ftp server list

Currently, most of the internet users of Bangladesh are broadband users. But this medium is used for our speed. And in order to give us more flexibility, there is a huge FTP server in Bangladesh, though this facility is to be consumed by money. But if you take the Internet connection of the Circle Network, you can enjoy the facility of this FTP server.

FTP server means huge space, where many movies, songs, software, and files you store are stored. When you download these files on your computer or mobile, you can download it. And if you get the download time from other websites, you can download 1 MB per second, but you can download it from the Circle Network's server, download Speed 20/30/50 MB per second.

Circle Network All FTP Server List Collection:
  1. Circle Site.
  2. Barua Cyber.
  3. B Net Server. 
  4. Dhaka Movie.
  5. FTP BD Server.
  6. DFN BD.
  7. Bot Tola Cyber.
  8. MoviePlay.
  9. Video Mela.

Circle Network All FTP TV Server:
  1. TV Server 1.
  2. TV Server 2.
  3. TV Server 3.
  4. JagoBD TV.
  5. AmrBD TV.
  6. RabbitHoleBD.
  7. GundaPanda.
  8. Crazy Net BD.
  9. I TV Live.
More FTP Server List Link Collection

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  1. Ami circle ftp te dhukte parchi na amar kache sudhu error ip adress ase akhn ki korte pari?