bcs lottery draw result published

BCS Lottery Draw (Bangladesh Cancer Society) has organized this lottery only for poor people of this country. Those who are unable to treat due to lack of money, but have been infected with cancer, which is expensive diseases. We know that many Bangladeshi people bought this lottery. 

BCS lottery draw result published

bcs lottery draw
Lottery Draw Result

The price of this lottery is only 20 taka Everyone knows that a few people will win the lottery, the lucky person will be the richest person in the prize which is worth 30 lakh taka. The main thing is that everyone is buying this lottery only for their own luck test. You can download the lottery results here, you can download it from this post.

Check Lottery Winner Number

1. The price of each ticket is only 20 taka.
2. First prize will get 30 lakhs.

How To Buy This Lottery:
You can buy a lottery from your mobile SIM operator through the message. *16329*1#

Check Lottery Draw Result:
Draw draws on the specific date. Stay with us to know the winner list of this drawback draw. Let me tell you the results of the draw draws.

Check Result By Mobile SMS:

We are sincerely sorry that it is possible for us to notify you of the possible date of this lottery. But as soon as the result is published, we will tell you the result of your results. Stay with us, do not forget to give us inspiration by sharing with your friends.
People have received this news from the newsletter of various mobile operators. Then everyone bought it. Not only do all of us work hard because there is a matter of fate that has to be kept on both trust and faith. The person with whom fate is good and the honest use of the opportunity, the person can only achieve success.

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