Bangladesh cancer society BCS Lottery Draw Result 2019

Bangladesh cancer society BCS Lottery Draw Result 2019

We will tell you all the information about this BCS Lottery Draw. We collect all the information and reach you among your needs. We will publish and publish the results of the BCS Lottery Draw. All of you and everyone who is buying this lottery will get the desired result here. You can see your results by searching. And who will know about who is the first prize winner?

BCS (Bangladesh Cancer Society) has organized this lottery only for poor people of this country. Those who are unable to treat due to lack of money, but have been infected with cancer, which is expensive diseases. We know that many Bangladeshi people bought this lottery.

The price of this lottery is only 20 taka. Everyone knows that a few people will win the lottery, the lucky person will be the richest person in the prize which is worth 30 lakh taka. The main thing is that everyone is buying this lottery only for their own luck test. You can download the lottery results here, you can download it from this post.

BCS (Bangladesh Cancer Society) Lottery Draw Result

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