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Dhaka International Trade Fair | Banijjo Mela | Buy Ticket Online DITF 2020

Banijjo Mela Ticket
DITF 2020 Ticket Buy Online
Dhaka International Trade Fair 2020 Buy Ticket Online

    Dhaka International Trade Fair Started On 1st January 2020

    Buy tickets to participate in Dhaka International Trade Fair You can buy tickets online at home. Click on this link to buy a ticket, thanks.

    You must enter the company's specific internet website to buy tickets. You need to decide whether you want to buy adult tickets or for minors. Because the adult ticket fee will be 30 taka. And for the minors 20 taka After filling the form you will have to pay the money by card or by development.

    About Ticket Price:

    • Price For Adult People: 30 BDT.
    • Price For Non-Adult People: 20 BDT.

    DITF 2019 Ticket Buy Online:

    • Buy Ticket From This Link: Click Here
    • You Can Payment By BKASH Or Card.

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