POF Foundation Cancer Hospital and Research Institute Lottery Draw Result 2019

POF Foundation Foundation Cancer Hospital and Research Institute Lottery have allocated 75,000 tickets for the purpose of improving the health care quality and setting up 100-bed world-class cancer treatment hospital for patients suffering from poor, helpless poor people. Each ticket price is only 20 Taka.

POF Foundation Cancer Hospital and Research Institute Lottery Draw Result 2019

POFFoundation Cancer Hospital & Research Institute Lottery Draw Result 2019
Lottery Draw Result

Details This Lottery Draw:

The price of the lottery is only 20 Taka. Nobody knows who is the lucky person to win the lottery's first prize. Everyone has bought this lottery to test luck through this lottery. Although this small amount of 20 taka to the consumers, this money will be allocated for the development of Cancer Hospital. This will certainly benefit many poor people. Let's take a look at the lottery prizes.

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  1. The price of each ticket is only 20 taka.
  2. 1st Prize: Cash 30 Lac Taka. (One) 
  3. 2nd Prize: Cash 5 Lac Taka. (One)
  4. 3rd Prize: Cash 1 Lac Taka. (One)
  5. 4th Prize: Cash 50 Thousand Taka. (Two)
  6. 5th Prize: Cash 10 Thousand Taka. (Four)
  7. 6th Prize: Cash 2 Thousand Taka. (Thirty) 

The prize for This Lottery:

The first prize is Tk. 30 lakh and there is a total of 639 prizes for the Sarmmot half crores in this lottery. So buy it today without delay, this lottery.

How To Buy This Lottery:

You can buy a lottery from your mobile SIM operator through the message.

Check Lottery Draw Result:

Draw draws on the specific date. Stay with us to know the winner list of this drawback draw. Let me tell you the results of the draw draws.

Stay in touch with us to find out the lottery results. We will tell you the results you want when the authorities will publish the results. For that, you must wait until the date of the drawback of the drawback draws out. Because the draw will be drawn on a scheduled date and the results will be published. You can see the results through mobile messages and even through daily newspapers.

Lottery Organization Contact information:

Email: poffoundation2012@gmail.com

Organization Location:

Village and Post Office: Paikkandi, Police Station: Gopalganj Sadar-8103
District: Gopalganj, Country: Bangladesh.

Cancer Hospital and Research Institute Lottery Draw Result 2019

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